Training for Schools and those looking after Children and Infants

Exceeding education standards and building a generation of lifesavers

first-aid-schools-kembali-firstaidUnder the Education Act (2002) your school is required, as part of a broad and balanced curriculum, to promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development of your students and of society. By enabling your students to learn first aid in your school in line with the National Curriculum, you will go a considerable way towards promoting fundamental social values. Additionally you’ll empower your students to learn skills that could one day save someone’s life.

Training to meet your legal requirements

As with all workplaces, your school is legally obliged to make sure that staff members are protected by putting the right health and safety measures in place. This means identifying all first aid needs and ensuring that appropriate training is provided. It’s essential that the training meets the standards set by the Health and Safety Executive and that qualifications are maintained and certification is valid.

Training courses to meet your legal requirements:

Training to satisfy your duty of care

Your school has a duty of care to your students so that they are safe – and they feel safe – at all times. It’s important that you assess the needs of your students and that enough staff members are appropriately trained to deal with minor first aid situations and emergencies. You must consider all needs, including those in the school as well as activities outside the school.

Courses to satisfy your duty of care:

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